Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"Ancient" Victorian Fortune-Telling Rituals

Today is a little about letting the past speak for itself & a little about me being lazy (LOL). I'm going to let you read this article for yourself (you can get a closer look by clicking on the image or the hyperlink provided below).

Very simply, this writer from the Paducah Evening Sun has provided us with a brief (and somewhat relatively accurate, depending on perspective - but that's what history is all about, now isn't it?) history of Halloween. But the REAL fun comes in the second half of the article, with "ancient" fortune-telling rituals (of course, as true today as it was then, they generally involve love & luck) using candles, nuts, seeds, and mirrors.


*Note: This is NOT the original layout of this column. To view this article in its original form. See page 7 of the October 26, 1905 edition of the Paducah Evening Sun.

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