Thursday, December 11, 2008

Crittenden Record-Press

While evaluating a microfilm reel from 1909 of the Crittenden Record-Press, the following snippet caught our eye:

"Preachers and newspaper editors and correspondents are not the only fools in the world. Did you ever think of that? There are others! And sometimes they talk out on the street. I overheard two of them the other day talking about Masons and Dixons line. Both of them had 'Bug House' qualities that made them eligible for membership in the Gimlet Club..."

The two "Bug House" fools didn't pique our curiosity as much as the Gimlet Club. It was a comic strip by Charles H. Wellington. You can see examples of the Gimlet Club at Barnacle PressBarnacle briefly describes Gimlet Club members this way; "Membership is by invitation only, reserved for those special bores and blowhards one might see practicing their craft on unsuspecting folks about town." 

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