Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The last post seems to have gotten some heated debate started. Though good debate can be a healthy practice, and we usually live for it, it certainly wasn't the intention of the post to cause hurt feelings. What was also not intentional was to imply that NDNP alone has its finger on the pulse of good preservation or access. Clearly, that's how we were interpreted and, for that, our apologizes.

At it's most fundamental level NDNP has a single directive; to digitize and maintain in perpetuity the nation's public domain historic newspapers. It is not subject to private sector stewardship...There are no sell-offs or acquisitions, no name changes, and no outside funding sources. So, there's little extraneous influence to muddy the waters aside from global developments within the digitization community - which is welcomed and appreciated, most especially by NDNP. A perfect incubator for digital preservation of historic newspapers? Not by a long shot, but there are fewer things to run the train off track.

Mr. Huggins makes a valid point. There is indeed strength in continuity and collaboration. Perhaps, one day when standards and guidelines have been solidified, all digitization participants will make Mr. Huggin's wish a reality. Until that time, the great thing to come from all this is that people are actually reading this blog! So, we'll keep this forum going and hope Mr. Huggins and Mr/Mrs Anonymous will keep reading and posting. You are welcome to say what you think either as yourself or incognito. We welcome both. Just be nice.

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